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i medica our interactive eLearning solution

i medica is our interactive education tool developed for assitant doctors, nursing staff and MedTech employees. imedica contains specific eLearning modules on musculoskeletal system and traumatology. All modules are verified during the learning process by interposed questions and at the end with a final test.

The structure is the same for each module:

Part 1: Anatomy Basics - compact and clearly graphed
Part 2: Basic examination techniques - clearly explained by means of short instructional videos
Part 3: Conventional imaging - correct exposure and interpretation of results
Part 4: Fracture classifications and specific fracture types - the main classifications and types of fractures are explained.

A total of 7 modules are made on the following topics:

Wrist injury
Knee injury
Shoulder injury
Elbow injury
Assessment and treatment of proximal femoral fractures
Ankle injuries, banal lesions?
Traumatology of the foot

Get a first overview via the demo module "wrist injury":